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Fab Slim

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Check Out Fab Slim!!!

This Fruit & Fiber Detox Supplement Can Be Used TWO Ways!

1 Prior to or With Breakfast to Help Suppress Appetite & Reduce Cravings OR 2 Prior to Bedtime as a Detox Cleanse.


Triphala-Blend of 3 Fruits That When Combined Create a Powerful Antioxidant Known for Being Helpful in Digestion, and Supporting Regularity. The Combo of the 3 Fruits Can Synergistically Improve Other Systems in Addition to the GI Tract. Triphala Supports Healthy Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Urinary, Reproductive & Nervous Systems. 3 Fruits:(Amalaki (supports liver & immunity), Bibhitaki (supports respiratory & removal of toxins), Haritaki (supports toxin removal of total body & healthy weight levels))

Tamarind-Fruit Supports Metabolism, Aids Digestions & Satiety Due to Fiber Content, Powerful Antioxidant for Ridding Free Radicals. Also Rich in Thiamin, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Niacin, Calcium, Vit C, Copper & Pyridoxine.

Chili Extract-Support Fat Burning (Thermogenesis)

Soap Pod-Acacia Relieves Constipation

Senna-Relieves Constipation

Safflower-Helps Regulate Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Levels & Assists in Reduction of Fatty Acids

Serving Size=One Tablet (as Appetite Suppressor/Fat Burner) or Two Tablets (as Detox Cleanse); 30 Tablets Per Pkg.

Use: 1 Tablet Once Daily, Pre or With Breakfast with at Least 8 Glasses of Water Daily OR 2 Tablets As a Nightly Detox Cleanse.

For Best Results, Combine With Regular Activity, Clean Balanced Eating & Appropriate Water Intake.

☆☆☆PLEASE NOTE☆☆☆: These are Tablets NOT Capsules-They Do Have a Light Coating & Are Small for Easy Swallowing, But B/C They are PURE & Uncut, No Fillers-They Are Bitter! If You Have A Bitter Taste Aversion, Please Take With a Fruit Juice (NOT Citrus Based As This Can Reduce Efficacy) to Counter the Taste.

Fab Slim by FaceFab is an OEM Product Owned & Distributed by FaceFab LLC.

These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA.

Fab Slim by FaceFab is Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Illness or Disease. Please Advise Your Health Care Professional Prior to Starting Any Weightless Program.

Caution:Those who suffer from heart diseases have high blood pressure, pregnant, breast feeding or taking any other prescribed/non prescribed medications can possibly counter-react with the supplement and can experience side effects.

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