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Fab Orange Happy Cleanse

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✰BRAND NEW 2018✰

Are you sick of detoxes or cleanses that have you doubled over & flipping out in discomfort?

After much trial/error, research & testing, I wanted to offer something a little more special that could work cohesively with whatever supplement taken or no extra supplementation at all.

It's called "Happy Cleanse" because you'll just know nature is calling and nothing more (please note the possibility of a rare exception if an extremely fatty meal is consumed).

Designed to be consumed at least 30 minutes before bed by adding a bit of warm water to stir & dissolve & then cool/cold water for taste preference.

Not super gritty or choke inducing like old school fiber drinks, this is more akin to Hi-C Orange or Tang breakfast drink in taste depending on how weak or strong it is made.

Fab Orange Happy Cleanse can be used to jump start a weight loss program, boost current supplementation results (most common), help maintain current weight or consume when a not so clean meal was the order of the day.

If using FOHC as part of a supplementation boost (most common use), consume only one packet a week at week's end. Regarding this point, FOHC is sold in 4ct packages only.

•Appetite Suppressant

•Boosts Metabolism
•Burn Off Stubborn Fat
•For Both Men & Women

•Cleanses (without discomfort-only in the highly rare case of extremely fatty meal)

Ingredients: Psyllium Fiber, Acerola Cherry, Orange, Garcinia Cambogia, Glucomannan, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Copper Chlorophyllin, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Honey

Serving Size: One Packet (15gm); 4 Packets Per Bag

Use: 1 Packet Once Weekly, Pre Bedtime with at Least 1 Glass of Water.

FAB Orange Happy Cleanse is an OEM Product Owned & Distributed by FaceFab LLC.

These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA.

FAB Orange Happy Cleanse is Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Illness or Disease. Please Advise Your Health Care Professional Prior to Starting Any Weightloss Program.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Suitable Age: 18 and over


☆Refrain from high sugar, salt and caffeine beverages

☆Intake 8 glasses of water daily (or more)
☆Increase fiber intake (fruits/veggies or supplement)
☆Eat several small meals throughout the day
☆Light to moderate exercise
Caution:Those who suffer from heart diseases have high blood pressure, pregnant, breast feeding or taking any other prescribed/non prescribed medications can possibly counter-react with the supplement and could experience side effects.
Please consult your medical professional for guidance and dosage amounts dependent on your individual needs if unsure.
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